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No Title Date Journal
1 Direct S21 Calculation using Infinitesimal Dipole Modeling 2023-10-23 IEEE Access
2 A Practical Method to Quantify Very Low Fluxes of Nitrous Oxide from a Rice Paddy 2022-12-30 한국농림기상학회지
3 High-performance compact pre-lens retarding field energy analyzer for energy distribution measurements of an electron gun 2022-12-01 MICROSCOPY AND MICROANALYSIS
4 Quantitative Evaluation Method for Image Autofocusing Performance 2022-06-03 INSTRUM EXP TECH+
5 A Novel Monochromator with Offset Cylindrical Lenses and Its Application to a Low-Voltage Scanning Electron Microscope 2022-04-11 MICROSCOPY AND MICROANALYSIS
6 Automated spectrophotometric platform for the quantification of multiple nucleic acid samples 2022-02-11 INSTRUM SCI TECHNOL
7 Limitations of surface current model of magnetic field and a remedy 2022-01-10 IEEE Access
8 Novel microsampling system for automated spectrophotometry 2022-01-01 INSTRUM SCI TECHNOL
9 Measurement and evaluation of specific absorption rate and temperature elevation caused by an artificial hip joint during MRI scanning 2021-12-01 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
10 Creation and Characterization of an Atomically Sharp Single/Trimer Atom Ir/W(111) Tip by Thermal Field-Assisted Faceting 2021-10-01 MICROSCOPY AND MICROANALYSIS
11 Strategic method of determining parameter values in frequency modulated continuous wave radar for low noise floor over middle-long range 2021-06-01 MICROWAVE AND OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY LETTERS
12 Focusing Technique for Holographic Subsurface Radar Based on Image Entropy 2021-04-01 APPL COMPUT ELECTROM
13 Advanced Stationary Point Concentration Technique for Leakage Mitigation and Small Drone Detection with FMCW Radar 2021-03-04 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MICROWAVE THEORY AND TECHNIQUES
14 암석코어시편의 절리면 직접전단시험을 위한 겉보기 면적 계산방법 2020-12-31 터널과 지하공간(Tunnel and Underground Space)
15 Acceleration of the Multi-Level Fast Multipole Algorithm Using K-Means Clustering 2020-11-16 Electronics
16 밭토양에서 폐쇄형 자동 챔버법으로 측정한 아산화질소 농도에 대한 측정불확도 2020-09-16 한국환경농학회지
17 벼논에서 폐쇄형 자동 챔버 시스템으로 측정한 메탄 농도에 대한 요인별 측정 불확도 비교 2020-09-09 한국환경농학회지
18 중공형 암석시편의 Pin-on-disk 마모시험을 위한 등속도 나선경로 계산방법 2020-08-31 터널과 지하공간(Tunnel and Underground Space)
19 암석공구 마모시험을 위한 아르키메데스 나선의 등속도 운동 근사해 조사 2020-06-30 터널과 지하공간(Tunnel and Underground Space)
20 벼논 메탄 플럭스 측정용 폐쇄형 정적 챔버법: 고찰 2020-06-26 한국농림기상학회지
21 Visualization of unstained homo/heterogeneous DNA nanostructures by low-voltage scanning transmission electron microscopy 2020-03-17 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
22 Study and design of a lens-type retarding field energy analyzer without a grid electrode 2020-02-01 ULTRAMICROSCOPY
23 Evaluation of a monochromator with double cylindrical lenses for electron microscopy 2019-12-30 INT J MOD PHYS A
24 불확도 기반 밭토양 아산화질소 배출 저감 여부 판정 2019-12-23 한국농림기상학회지
25 Reduction of bias in the evaluation of fractional anisotropy and mean diffusivity in magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging using region-of-interest methodology 2019-12-01 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
26 Estimation of Spatial Channel Model in a Wireless Ultra-Wide-Area Backhaul Network using the Deterministic Ray Tube Method 2019-08-01 ADV ELECTR COMPUT EN
27 Improvement in Computation Time of the Finite Multipole Method by using K-means Clustering 2019-07-24 IEEE ANTENN WIREL PR
28 이중 보간 기법을 이용한 MLFMA 가속기법 2019-06-07 한국군사과학기술학회지 = Journal of the Korea institute of military science and technology
29 Design and aberration study of a new miniature energy analyzer with correctors in a scanning electron microscope 2019-02-11 NUCL INSTRUM METH A
30 Longitudinal discontinuities in riverine greenhouse gas dynamics generated by dams and urban wastewater 2018-10-26 BIOGEOSCIENCES
31 Fabrication of a trimer/single atom tip for gas field ion sources by means of field evaporation without tip heating 2018-09-01 ULTRAMICROSCOPY
32 Evaluation of electron optics with an offset cylindrical lens: Application to a monochromator or energy analyzer 2018-05-01 JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY B
33 High spatial resolution magnetic resonance imaging of insects covered with a hard exoskeleton 2018-02-01 CONCEPT MAGN RESON B
34 Brain MR diffusion tensor imaging for multi-site studies: A Review 2018-01-18 Biomedical Journal of Scientific and Technical Research
35 Early detection of neonatal hypoxic-ischemic white matter injury: an MR diffusion tensor imaging study 2017-09-06 NEUROREPORT
36 MRI scanner-independent specific absorption rate measurements using diffusion coefficients 2017-07-01 Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics
37 Serial number coding and decoding by laser interference direct patterning on the original product surface for anti-counterfeiting 2017-06-26 OPTICS EXPRESS
38 An MRI scanner-independent radiofrequency dosimeter for the estimation of RF power deposition with a human torso phantom 2017-05-29 CONCEPT MAGN RESON B
39 Graphene-supporting films and low-voltage STEM in SEM toward imaging nanobio materials without staining: Observation of insulin amyloid fibrils 2017-05-01 MICRON
40 Low-carbon steel ultra-high-vacuum Schottky emitter electron gun with double O-rings for axis adjustment 2017-03-01 JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY A
41 Assessment of diffusion tensor image quality across sites and vendors using the American College of Radiology head phantom 2016-05-08 Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics
42 Interannual variations in methane emission from an irrigated rice paddy caused by rainfalls during the aeration period 2016-05-01 AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
43 A new monochromator with multiple offset sylindrical lenses 2: Aberration analysis and its applications 2015-11-11 NUCL INSTRUM METH A
44 Low-energy scanning electron microscope using a monochromator with double-offset cylindrical lenses 2015-11-01 JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY B
45 Quality Assurance and Control Issues in Multi-Center Diffusion Tensor Imaging Studies 2015-09-28 CURR MED IMAGING REV
46 Comparison of pooled standard deviation and standardized-t bootstrap methods for estimating uncertainty about average methane emission from rice cultivation 2015-06-01 ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
47 A Novel Monochromator with Double Cylindrical Lenses 2015-06-01 MICROSCOPY AND MICROANALYSIS
48 개회로 파장 변조 분광법과 에디 공분산 방법으로 논에서 관측된 CH4 플럭스 자료의 보정 2015-04-01 한국농림기상학회지
49 Roles of chemical metrology in electronics industry and associated environment in Korea: A tutorial 2015-03-01 TALANTA
50 A new monochromator with multiple offset cylindrical lenses 2015-02-01 NUCL INSTRUM METH A
51 O-ring stack system for electron gun alignment 2015-01-15 REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMEMTS

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