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No Title Date Journal
1 Ultrasensitive detection of beta-amyloid 1-42 as a relevant biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease in serum 2023-09-09 SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL
2 Clinical Validation of a Wearable Piezoelectric Blood-Pressure Sensor for Continuous Health Monitoring 2023-06-28 ADVANCED MATERIALS
3 Motor Development Comparison between Preterm and Fullterm Infants using Alberta Infant Motor Scale 2023-02-21 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
4 Graphene and Two-Dimensional Materials-Based Flexible Electronics for Wearable Biomedical Sensors 2023-01-02 Electronics
5 인공안구팬텀을 이용한 공압식 안압계 성능평가 가이드라인 개발 2022-12-30 KFDC규제과학회지
6 Development of eye phantoms for mimicking the structural deformation of the human cornea accompanied with intraocular pressure alteration 2022-12-01 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
7 EEG microstates and functional connectivity of cybersickness 2022-08-22 FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE
8 Single-Nanoparticle-Based Digital SERS Sensing Platform for the Accurate Quantitative Detection of SARS-CoV-2 2022-08-11 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
9 집속초음파 자극기의 성능평가를 위한 팬텀 내부온도 측정 2022-07-15 의공학회지 = Journal of biomedical engineering research
10 Estimating Objective (EEG) and Subjective (SSQ) Cybersickness in Peoples with Susceptibility to Motion Sickness 2022-07-01 APPL ERGON
11 Effect of optical blurring of X-ray source on breast tomosynthesis image quality: Modulation transfer function, anatomical noise power spectrum, and signal detectability perspectives 2022-05-19 PLOS ONE
12 Microfluidic Thermal Flowmeters for Drug Injection Monitoring 2022-04-20 SENSORS
13 Reliability study of the items of the Alberta Infant Motor Scale (AIMS) using Kappa Analysis 2022-02-04 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
14 Modified desk height helps children with cerebral palsy perform sit-to-stand 2022-02-01 Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology
15 Deep learning-based robust automatic non-invasive measurement of blood pressure using Korotkoff sounds 2021-12-03 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
16 A digital SERS sensing platform using 3D nanolaminate plasmonic crystals coupled with Au nanoparticles for accurate quantitative detection of dopamine 2021-11-07 NANOSCALE
17 Focused Ultrasound thermometry: A Two-Dimensional Resistance Temperature Detector Array in a Tissue-Mimicking Material 2021-11-01 IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
18 Formulation prediction for Young's modulus of Poly(dimethylsiloxane) by spectroscopic methods 2021-09-24 BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY
19 Poisson's ratio measurement through engraving the grid inside polydimethylsiloxane by ultrafast laser 2021-09-22 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics
20 Development of length standard phantom for length measurement correction in X-ray image 2021-08-06 REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMEMTS
21 A Membrane Filter-assisted Mammalian Cell-based Biosensor Enabling 3D culture and Pathogen Detection 2021-05-21 SENSORS
22 Visualization of Gross Anatomy for Ultrasound Scanning Planes Using a Virtual Dissection Table 2021-02-01 INT J MORPHOL
23 Test-retest reliability of the virtual reality sickness evaluation using electroencephalography (EEG) 2021-01-19 NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS
24 Anodically Induced Chemical Etching of GaAs Wafers for a GaAs Nanowire-Based Flexible Terahertz Wave Emitter 2020-11-11 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
25 Vibration Alert to the Brain: Evoked and Induced MEG Responses to High-Frequency Vibrotactile Stimuli on the Index Finger of Dominant and Non-dominant Hand 2020-11-05 FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE
26 Ionic Current Rectification of Porous Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) with a Barrier Oxide Layer 2020-10-27 ACS Nano
27 LEGO-compatible modular mapping phantom for magnetic resonance imaging 2020-09-08 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
28 Normal-incidence type solution immersed silicon (SIS) biosensor for ultra-sensitive, label-free detection of cardiac troponin I 2020-08-21 Biosensors and Bioelectronics
29 3D MTF estimation using sphere phantoms for cone-beam computed tomography systems 2020-07-21 MEDICAL PHYSICS
30 Modified desk height helps children with cerebral palsy perform sit-to-stand 2020-06-23 Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology
31 Relaxation dynamics of photoexcitations in TiO2 and its composites with Au/carbon nanotube (graphene) 2020-05-01 CATAL COMMUN
32 Human observer performance on in-plane digital breast tomosynthesis images: Effects of reconstruction filters and data acquisition angles on signal detection 2020-03-12 PLOS ONE
33 Real-time Monitoring of Biomarkers in Serum for Early Diagnosis of Target Disease 2020-03-01 Biochip journal
34 Electrochemical biosensors: perspective on functional nanomaterials for on-site analysis 2020-02-04 생체재료학회지(Biomaterials Research)
35 Development of a polymer-based MEG-compatible vibrotactile stimulator for studying neuromagnetic somatosensory responses 2020-01-15 IEEE Access
36 Development of chip calorimeter based on Bi/Al thermopile for biological sample measurement 2019-12-23 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOTECHNOLOGY
37 Retina phantom for the evaluation of optical coherence tomography angiography based on microfluidic channels 2019-11-01 BIOMED OPT EXPRESS
38 Accuracy assessment of a PION TCI pump based on international standards 2019-11-01 Anesthesia & Pain Medicine
39 A High Throughput Apoptosis Assay using 3D Cultured Cells 2019-09-16 MOLECULES
40 PAS1-modified optical SIS sensor for highly sensitive and specific detection of toluene 2019-09-15 Biosensors and Bioelectronics
41 128 채널 뇌파를 이용한 사이버멀미 평가법 개발 2019-09-11 감성과학 (한국감성과학회지)
42 Portable Skin Analyzers with Simultaneous Measurements of Transepidermal Water Loss, Skin Conductance and Skin Hardness 2019-09-06 SENSORS
43 Drug Efficacy Comparison of 3D Forming and Preforming Sphere Models with a Micropillar and Microwell Chip Platform 2019-04-01 SLAS Discovery
44 Room-temperature solution-processed, ZrO x -based hybrid gate dielectrics for low-voltage organic thin-film transistors on plastic substrates 2019-01-07 APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
45 Reliability and Validity of the Cerebral Palsy Quality of Life Questionnaire in the South Korean Population 2018-12-31 대한인간공학회지
46 Truncated Hollow Cone Probe for Assessing Transepidermal Water Loss and Skin Hardness 2018-11-26 ACS SENSORS
47 Adsorption on alumina nanopores with conical 2018-10-14 NANOSCALE
48 Facile one-step construction of covalently networked, self-healable, and transparent superhydrophobic composite films 2018-07-01 APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE
49 A contact-force regulated photoplethysmography (PPG) platform 2018-04-01 AIP ADVANCES
50 Rationally designed, multifunctional self-assembled nanoparticles for covalently networked, flexible and self-healable superhydrophobic composite films 2018-03-21 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
51 Thin-film resistance temperature detector array for the measurement of temperature distribution inside a phantom 2018-02-01 METROLOGIA
52 Current Technologies of Electrochemical Immunosensors: Perspective on Signal Amplification 2018-01-12 SENSORS
53 자동혈압계 성능평가를 위한 인체혈압 시뮬레이터 개발 2017-06-01 의공학회지 = Journal of biomedical engineering research
54 Calibration phantoms for accurate water and lipid density quantification using dual energy mammography 2017-05-11 PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
55 Direct-laser-patterned friction layer for the output enhancement of a triboelectric nanogenerator 2017-04-08 Nano Energy
56 Multifunctional Hybrid Multilayer Gate Dielectrics with Tunable Surface Energy for Ultralow-Power Organic and Amorphous Oxide Thin-Film Transistors 2017-03-01 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
57 Semi-continuous, real-time monitoring of protein biomarker using a recyclable surface plasmon resonance sensor 2017-02-15 BIOSENS BIOELECTRON
58 Hydrophobic Residues near the Bilin Chromophore-Binding Pocket Modulate Spectral Tuning of Insert-Cys Subfamily Cyanobacteriochromes 2017-01-17 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
59 Adsorption on Highly Ordered Porous Alumina 2016-10-01 J LOW TEMP PHYS
60 Sub-Clinical Assessment Method for a Complete Spinal Cord Injury - A Case Study: Do we have a Better Quantitative Evaluation Tool? 2016-08-03 JSM Neurosurgery and Spine
61 Rational and Facile Construction of 3D Annular Nanostructures with Tunable Layers by Exploiting the Diffraction and Interference of Light 2016-08-02 ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS
62 Transparent, self-cleaning and waterproof surfaces with tunable micro/nano dual-scale structures 2016-07-25 NANOTECHNOLOGY
63 Unified 2D and 3D cell-based high-throughput screening platformusing a micropillar/microwell chip 2016-06-02 SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL
64 Development of a simulator for the validation of noninvasive blood pressure-monitoring devices 2016-06-01 BLOOD PRESS MONIT
65 Estimating functional connectivity using 2D tangential components in MEG sensor space 2016-01-15 Journal of Neuroscience Methods
66 Blood pressure differences between a mercury sphygmomanometer and two automatic devices 2015-12-31 Biomedical Engineering Letters
67 Sub-population analysis of deformability distribution in heterogeneous red blood cell population 2015-12-25 BIOMEDICAL MICRODEVICES
68 Selective disruption of vascular endothelium of zebrafish embryos by ultrafast laser microsurgical treatment 2015-11-04 BIOMED OPT EXPRESS
69 Dynamic changes in PDMS surface morphology in femtosecond laser treatment 2015-07-22 OPTICS EXPRESS
70 Microcalcification detectability using a bench-top prototype photon-counting breast CT based on a Si strip detector 2015-06-29 MEDICAL PHYSICS
71 1차원 배열 탐촉자의 방사빔추적기법을 이용한 정적 3차원 초음파진단영상 구성 2015-04-01 비파괴검사학회지 (Journal of the Korea Society for Nondestructive Testing)
72 Calibration of oscillometric non-invasive devices for monitoring blood pressure 2015-03-12 METROLOGIA
73 Adsorption in alumina pores open at one and at both ends 2015-02-14 NANOSCALE

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