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번호 논문제목 저자 게재년월 게재지
1 The effect of powder particle size on the corrosion behavior of atmospheric plasma spray-Y2O3 coating: Unraveling the corrosion mechanism by fluorine-based plasma 김민중,Eunmi Choi,Dongjin Lee,Jungpil Seo,Tae Sun Back,소종호,윤주영,Song-Moon Suh 2022-12-30 APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE
2 SEM imaging of insulin amyloid fibrils directly grown on silicon substrate: a suggestion for complementary imaging strategy 티에우밍투,신지훈,오가와 타카시,박은진,권지환,하태환,김영헌,안상정 2022-11-23 BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY
3 Structural measurement of electron-phonon coupling and electronic thermal transport across a metal-semiconductor interface Jungyun Kee,조원혁,Kooktea Kim,Eric C. Landahl,Grace Longbons,Donald Walko,Haidan Wen,이동렬,이수형 2022-10-05 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
4 Atmospheric Plasma Spray코팅을 이용한 Yttrium계 소재의 내플라즈마성 및 세정 공정에 관한 연구 권혁성,김민중,소종호,신재수,맹선정,윤주영 2022-09-30 반도체 디스플레이 기술학회지
5 Towards a counting point detector for nanosecond coherent x-ray science 이수형,권휴상,조병관,Eric Landahl 2022-09-05 Applied Sciences
6 Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis for Sustainable Large-Scale Hydrogen Production 이솔아,김재현,권기창,박선화,장호원 2022-08-14 Carbon Neurtralization
7 Extremely Sensitive and Selective NO2 Detection at Relative Humidity 90 % in 2-Dimensional Tin Sulfides/SnO2 Nanorod Heterostructure 서준민,이태형,홍구택,송영근,조성환,강종윤,심영석,이동화,권기창,장호원 2022-07-22 SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL
8 The effects of decomposition of CpZr(NMe2)3 on atomic layer deposition for High-k ZrO2 thin films 김하영,최은미,맹선정,이재백,김대환,허규용,윤주영 2022-07-14 MATERIALS TODAY COMMUNICATIONS
9 Operating characteristics of a flat evaporator loop heat pipe having a flexible heat transport path 이주현,정욱철 2022-07-06 Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology
10 Improved Crystallinity of Graphene Grown on Cu/Ni (111) through Sequential Mobile Hot-Wire Heat Treatment 백진욱,Myungwoo Choi,Huije Ryu,이혜정,변지철,홍성구,Bum Jun Kim,Sooheon Cho,송재용,Gwan-Hyoung Lee,신호선,Jae-Young Choi,Seokwoo Jeon 2022-06-21 NANO LETTERS
11 Solution-processed hole-doped SnSe thermoelectric thin-film devices for low-temperature power generation Seung Hwae Heo,Jisu Yoo,이혜정,Hanhwi Jang,Seungki Jo,Jeongmin Cho,Seongheon Baek,Seong Eun Yang,Da Hwi Gu,Hyun Jung Mun,Min-Wook Oh,신호선,Moonkee Choi,Tae Joo Shin,Jae Sung Son 2022-05-26 ACS ENERGY LETTERS
12 Decomposition characteristics of the TTIP (tetraisopropyl orthotitanate) precursor for atomic layer deposition 김하영,안지혁,맹선정,신재수,최은미,윤주영 2022-04-21 MATERIALS
13 In situ multiscale probing of the synthesis of a Ni-rich layered oxide cathode reveals reaction heterogeneity driven by competing kinetic pathways 박혁준,Hayoung Park,Junwon Park,Kisuk Kang 2022-04-21 Nature Chemistry
14 Memristive Devices Based on 2-Dimensional Transition Metal Chalcogenides for Neuromorphic Computing 권기창,백지현,홍구택,김수영,장호원 2022-02-05 NANO-MICRO LETTERS
15 Influence of Plasma Corrosion Resistance of Y2O3 Coated Parts by Cleaning Process 김민중,신재수,윤주영 2021-12-31 한국표면공학회지(Journal of The Korean Institute of Surface Engineering)
16 Reversible Conversion Reactions of Mesoporous Iron Oxide with High Initial Coulombic Efficiency for Lithium-Ion Batteries 권지환,Kiran N. Chaudhari,Emerson Coy,서종혁,안상정,이윤희,이수형,조용찬,Ook Choi,Kyu Seung Lee,Dong Ick Son,Yeonho Kim 2021-11-23 ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING
17 The degeneration of skin cosmetics and the structural changes of the chemical components as an indicator of product shelf life 최은미,맹선정,윤세영,유현웅,신재수,윤주영 2021-08-25 Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
18 Push-rod dilatometer calibration and thermal expansion coefficient measurement of standard material 이주현,김대호 2021-08-03 HIGH TEMP-HIGH PRESS
19 Significantly Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance of Graphene through Atomic-Scale Defect Engineering via Mobile Hot-Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition Systems 최명우,Travis G. Novak,변지철,이혜정,백진욱,홍성구,김기선,송재용,신호선,전석우 2021-05-13 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
20 Improvement of corrosion properties of plasma in an aluminum alloy 6061-T6 by phytic acid anodization temperature 김민중,최은미,소종호,신재수,정진욱,맹선정,윤주영 2021-03-01 JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY-JMR&T
21 Reduced Thermal Conductivity in Ultrafast Laser Heated Silicon Measured by Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction 조용찬,조원혁,김성흔,Eric Carl Landahl,이수형 2021-02-14 Crystals
22 Microscopic and chemical analysis of room temperature UV laser annealing of solution based zinc-tin-oxide thin films 권지환,Young Jun Chang 2020-12-01 Journal of Analytical Science & Technology
23 Double-pulse speckle contrast correlations with near Fourier transform limited free-electron laser light using hard X-ray split-and-delay Wojciech Roseker,Paul H Fuoss,Marcin Sikorski,Aymeric Robert,Sanghoon Song,Gerhard Gr?bel,이수형,Michael Walther,Felix Lehmk?hler,Birgit Hankiewicz,Rustam Rysov,Stephan O Hruszkewycz,G Brian Stephenson,Mark Sutton 2020-12-01 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
24 Thermal Decomposition In Situ Monitoring System of the Gas Phase Cyclopentadienyl Tris(dimethylamino) Zirconium (CpZr(NMe2)3) Based on FT-IR and QMS for Atomic Layer Deposition 최은미,안종기,심섭,김하영,강고루,윤주영 2020-09-04 NANOSCALE RES LETT
25 Degradation Behaviors of NPB Molecules upon Prolonged Exposure to Various Thermal Stresses under High Vacuum below 10-4 Pa 최은미,심섭,김하영,윤주영 2020-06-30 ACS Omega
26 Electrospun Hybrid MoS2 Nanofibers for High-Efficiency Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction 박선화,Youngwoo Rheem,Sooyoun Yu,Kyu-Hwan Lee,Myung V. Nosang 2020-04-15 JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY
27 Long-term thermal stability of NPB molecule under high-vacuum 김하영,심섭,최은미,안종기,강고루,권오현,정낙관,김진태,윤주영 2020-02-29 ORGANIC ELECTRONICS
28 Improvement of plasma resistance of anodic aluminum-oxide film in sulfuric acid containing cerium(IV) ion 소종호,최은미,김진태,신재수,송제범,김민중,정진욱,윤주영 2020-02-01 Coatings
29 Selective Deposition of Al2O3 on the Upper Side-Photoelectrode to Improve Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Efficiency 강고루,최은미,안종기,정낙관,김진태,윤주영 2020-01-01 JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY
30 Development of chip calorimeter based on Bi/Al thermopile for biological sample measurement 이주현,도일 2019-12-23 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOTECHNOLOGY
31 Composition change-driven texturing and doping in solution-processed SnSe thermoelectric thin films 허승회,정혜원,정재민,장재영,이원보,신호선,손재성,조승기,김효석,최가람,송재용,Jun-Yun Kang,박노진,반형우,Fredrick Kim 2019-12-01 Nature Communications
32 Improved reliability of breakdown voltage measurement of yttrium oxide coatings by plasma spray 송제범,최은미,오성근,소종호,이승수,김진태,윤주영 2019-12-01 CERAM INT
33 Specific heat measurements of CNT nanofluids 이주현,김대호,윤용진 2019-12-01 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOTECHNOLOGY
34 Probing Electronic Strain Generation by Separated Electron-Hole Pairs Using Time-Resolved X-ray Scattering 이수형,조원혁,Anthony D. DiChiara,Timothy P. Holmes,Stephen Santowski,조용찬,Eric C. Landahl 2019-11-01 Applied Sciences
35 Electrospun Cobalt-Doped MoS2 Nanofibers for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution 박선화,Youngwoo Rheem,Yosep Han,Kyu-Hwan Lee,Sung-Mook Choi,Nosang V. Myung 2019-08-29 JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY
36 In-situ Liquid Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy Study for Phase Evolution of a-Fe2O3 Nanorods upon Lithiation/delithiation Process 빈민욱,Yeonho Kim,안상정,권지환 2019-08-05 MICROSCOPY AND MICROANALYSIS
37 Template-Free Electrochemical Growth of Ni-decorated ZnO Nanorod Array: Application to an Anode of Lithium Ion Battery 박선화,박한나,신정호,정수환,송재용 2019-06-06 Frontiers in Chemistry
38 Degradation Test for an Anodic Aluminum Oxide Film in Plasma Etching 김진태,송제범,이승수,정진욱,김민중,오성근,정낙관,윤주영 2019-06-01 JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY
39 Contamination particle behavior of aerosol deposited Y2O3 and YF3 coatings under NF3 plasma 최은미,송제범,오성근,김진태,윤주영 2019-05-01 Coatings
40 Contamination particle behavior of aerosol deposited Y 2 O 3 and YF 3 coatings under NF 3 plasma 송제범,최은미,오성근,김진태,윤주영 2019-05-01 Coatings
41 Spatial and temporal pre-alignment of an X-ray split-and-delay unit by laser light interferometry W. Roseker,이수형,M. Walther,R. Rysov,M. Sprung,G. Grubel 2019-04-01 REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMEMTS
42 Contamination particles and plasma etching behavior of atmospheric plasma sprayed Y2O3 and YF3 coatings under NF3 plasma 김진태,송제범,오성근,윤주영 2019-02-07 Coatings
43 Flexible galvanic skin response sensor based on vertically aligned silver nanowires 박선화,박지혜,박한나,박현민,송재용 2018-11-10 SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL
44 Delayed auger recombination in silicon measured by time-resolved X-ray scattering 조원혁,에릭랜달,김성흔,이동렬,이수형 2018-11-01 Current Applied Physics
45 Extended electronic structure inhomogeneity created by double chain layer defects surrounding columnar tracks in heavy-ion irradiated YBa2Cu3O7-delta 권지환,Jian-Min Zuo 2018-08-31 Superconductor science and technology
46 Measuring femtometer lattice displacements driven by free carrier diffusion in a polycrystalline semiconductor using time-resolved x-ray scattering 조원혁,에릭랜달,안토니디키,돈왈코,이수형 2018-07-16 APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
47 Thickness-dependent and anisotropic thermal conductivity of black phosphorus nanosheets 신호선,전성기,정윤환,안진호,송재용 2018-04-07 NANOSCALE
48 Effect of growth temperature on the structural and electrical properties of ZrO2films fabricated by atomic layer deposition using a CpZr[N(CH3)2]3/C7H8cocktail precursor 안종기,정낙관,김진태,함성호,이근수,이성보,이태훈,박인성,윤주영 2018-03-05 MATERIALS
49 Electrochemical properties of composite cathodes using Sm doped layered perovskite for intermediate temperature-operating solid oxide fuel cell 백승욱,Abul Azad,John Irvin,최원석,강현일,김정현 2018-02-28 APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE
50 Further elucidation of nanofluid thermal conductivity measurement using a transient hot-wire method apparatus 이주현,유동훈,이병찬,권수용,구준모 2018-02-01 HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER
51 Fluorine Plasma Corrosion Resistance of Anodic Oxide Film Depending on Electrolyte Temperature 신재수,김민중,송제범,정낙관,김진태,윤주영 2018-01-29 한국진공학회지
52 Temperature and Heat Flow Rate Calibration of a Calvet Calorimeter from 0 ? C to 190 ? C 김대호,이주현,권수용 2017-12-01 International Journal of Thermophysics
53 Measurement of the Calorific Value of Methane by Calorimetry Using Metal Burner 이주현,권수용,정욱철,김대호 2017-11-01 International Journal of Thermophysics
54 Hydrogen susceptibility of nano-sized oxide dispersed austenitic steel for fusion reactor 백승욱,송은주,김정현,이윤희,류권상,김사웅 2017-10-01 FUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
55 Scanning electron observation of protective effect of graphene films on Au nanoparticles JW Kim,JY An,안상정,YH Kahng 2017-08-18 Materials Research Express
56 Solution electrostatic levitator for measuring surface properties and bulk structures of an extremely supersaturated solution drop above metastable zone width limit 이수형,조원혁,조용찬,이현휘,이근우 2017-05-02 REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMEMTS
57 ZrO2 film prepared by atomic layer deposition using less viscous cocktail CpZr[N(CH3)2]3/C7H8 precursor and ozone 김진태,안종기,강고루,오남근,함성호,이근수,박인성,윤주영 2017-04-15 Journal of Alloys and Compounds
58 Hydrogen embrittlement of 3-D printing manufactured austenitic stainless steel part for hydrogen service 백승욱,송은주,김정현,정명식,백운봉,남승훈 2017-03-15 SCRIPTA MATERIALIA
59 Solidified inorganic-organic hybrid electrolyte for all solid state flexible lithium battery 백승욱,Itaru Honm,김제덕,Dinesh Ran 2017-03-01 J POWER SOURCES
60 Oxidant effect of La(NO3)3·6H2O solution on the crystalline characteristics of nanocrystalline ZrO2 films grown by atomic layer deposition 오남근,김진태,강고루,안종기,남민우,김소연,박인성,윤주영 2017-02-01 APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE
61 포항가속기 빛을 활용하여 원자들의 초고속 움직임을 측정하는 시간분해 X-선 산란 연구 이수형,조원혁,엄인태,유청종 2017-01-25 방사광 과학과 기술
62 Direct measurements of multi-photon induced nonlinear lattice dynamics in semiconductors via time-resolved x-ray scattering G. Jackson Williams,이수형,Donald Wal,Michael Wa,조원혁,이동렬,Eric Landa 2016-12-22 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
63 Multiple pathways of crystal nucleation in an extremely supersaturated aqueous potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) solution droplet 이수형,위행섭,조원혁,조용찬,김용일,이근우 2016-11-29 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
64 시간 분해 엑스선 산란 실험 이수형 2016-10-13 방사광 과학과 기술
65 Structural and electrochemical properties of interconnect integrated solid oxide fuel cell 백승욱,정지훈,최원석,배중면,김정현 2016-10-01 MATERIALS RESEARCH BULLETIN
66 Phase behaviors of NPB molecule under vacuum 심섭,김진태,신은진,정낙관,고문규,권오현,윤주영 2016-10-01 MATERIALS RESEARCH BULLETIN
67 The surface-to-volume ratio: a key parameter in the thermoelectric transport of topological insulator Bi2Se3 nanowires 신호선,B.Hamdou,H.Reith,H.Osterhag,J.Gooth,C.Damm,B.Rellingh,E.Pippel,K.Nielsch 2016-07-28 NANOSCALE
68 Reliability of thermal conductivity measurement of liquids by using transient hot-wire, photon correlation spectroscopy and the laser flash method 권수용,이주현,김대호 2016-06-05 Journal of the Korean Physical Society
69 The Effects of Theramal Decomposition of Tetrakis-ethylmethylaminohafnium(TEMAHf) Precursors on HfO2 Film Growth using Atomic Layer Deposition 김진태,오남근,안종기,강고루,김소연,윤주영 2016-05-17 한국진공학회지
70 Derivation and Validation of a Figure of Merit for Loop Heat Pipes With Medium Temperature Working Fluids 정욱철,Jinho Lee,이상현,이주현 2016-05-01 J HEAT TRANS-T ASME
71 Demonstration of a time-resolved x-ray scattering instrument utilizing the full-repetition rate of x-ray pulses at the Pohang Light Source 조원혁,엄인,외부,이수형,유청 2016-03-08 REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMEMTS
72 Metal-supported SOFC with an aerosol deposited in-situ LSM and 8YSZ composite cathode 백승욱,백운봉 2016-02-01 CERAM INT
73 Plasma Corrosion in Oxalic Acid Anodized Coatings Depending on Tartaric Acid Content 신재수,송제범,최신호,김진태,오성근,윤주영 2016-01-25 APPLIED SCIENCE AND CONVERGENCE TECHNOLOGY
74 Solid-solution alloying of immiscible metals at the nanoscale: Ir and Au 박선화,박현민,한상수,한상윤,송재용 2016-01-18 RSC ADV
75 Picosecond x-ray strain rosette reveals direct laser excitation of coherent transverse acoustic phonons 이수형,Jackson Wi,Maria C,Donald W,Eric L 2016-01-11 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
76 Coverage percentage and raman measurement of cross-tile and scaffold cross-tile based DNA nanostructures 안상정,Gnapareddy,Dugasani,LaBean,박성하 2015-11-01 Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces
77 Investigation of cellular responses upon interaction with silver nanoparticles R. Subbiah,전성범,K. Park,안상정,K. Yun 2015-08-27 INT J NANOMED
78 Ultraviolet light and laser irradiation enhances the antibacterial activity of glucosamine-functionalized gold nanoparticles 사라바난 고빈다라주,안상정,윤규식 2015-08-25 INT J NANOMED
79 Quantitative analyses of factors affecting thermal conductivity of nanofluids using an improved transient hot-wire method apparatus 이주현,이한슬,백용진,구준모 2015-06-03 INT J HEAT MASS TRAN
80 O-ring stack system for electron gun alignment 박인용,조복래,한철수,신승민,이동준,안상정 2015-01-15 REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMEMTS
81 Effect of Sealing Time of Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) Film for Preventing Plasma Damage 김진태,송제범,오성근,신재수,전제란,윤주영 2015-01-15 SCI ADV MATER

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