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번호 논문제목 저자 게재년월 게재지
1 Seasonal Variations of the Airborne Microbial Assemblages of the Seoul Subway, South Korea from 16S and ITS Gene Profiles with Chemical Analysis 조하입,조하나,박창우,임용현,김세일 2022-12-01 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2 Quantifying fluorescent nanoparticle uptake in mammalian cells using a plate reader 신혜지,곽민정,주시화,이지연 2022-11-23 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
3 Uncovering the Fresh Snowfall Microbiome and its Chemical Characteristics with Backward Trajectories in Daejeon, Republic of Korea 조하입,Jayant Nirmalkar,박동주,정진상,김세일 2022-09-28 ATMOSPHERE
4 Rapid and sensitive amplicon-based genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 박창우,김관우,박동주,조하입,박창균,이창섭,MD Tazikur Rahman,이하나,김세일 2022-08-17 FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY
5 Modification of ER alpha by UFM1 Increases Its Stability and Transactivity for Breast Cancer Development 유희민 2022-06-30 Molecules and Cells
6 Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 1,3,5-Triazine Derivatives Targeting hA1 and hA3 Adenosine Receptor Sujin Park,안유진,유희민,Jinha Yu 2022-06-22 MOLECULES
7 Peptide purity assignment for antibody quantification by combining isotope dilution mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography 이화심 2022-05-01 BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY
8 TREX1 degrades the 3' end of the small DNA oligonucleotide products of nucleotide excision repair in human cells 김근회,김선희,MGK,최준혁 2022-04-22 NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH
9 Human Alphacoronavirus Universal Primers for Genome Amplification and Sequencing 김관우,최성미,구근본,김성준,박창우,박동주,김세일,이하나 2022-03-25 FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY
10 Development of SARS-CoV-2 packaged RNA reference material for nucleic acid testing 이상수,김세일,유희민,이다혜,배영경 2022-02-01 Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry
11 Development of SARS-CoV-2 packaged RNA reference material for nucleic acid testing 이상수,김세일,유희민,이다혜,배영경 2022-02-01 Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry
12 Precise RNA quantification by counting individual RNA molecules using high-sensitivity capillary flow cytometry 유희봉,박상열,홍기석,양인철 2022-01-25 Analytical Chemistry
13 Probing TGF- β 1-induced cytoskeletal rearrangement by fluorescent-labeled silica nanoparticle uptake assay 신혜림,최준혁,이지연 2021-12-01 BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS REPORTS
14 Comparison of 16S rRNA gene based microbial profiling using five next-generation sequencers and various primers 박창우,김승범,최상호,김세일 2021-10-14 FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY
15 Comparison of Two Digital PCR Methods for EGFR DNA and SARS-CoV-2 RNA Quantification 이상수,박재형,배영경 2021-10-01 CLIN CHIM ACTA
16 Inhibition of UBA5 Expression and Induction of Autophagy in Breast Cancer Cells by Usenamine A 리자준,Bo Fang,Namki Cho,유희민 2021-09-10 Biomolecules
17 Anticancer Effects of Propionic Acid Inducing Cell Death in Cervical Cancer Cells 팜하차우,Joo-Eun Lee,김세일,강덕진,유희민 2021-08-16 MOLECULES
18 Nucleic Acid Testing of SARS-CoV-2 김일환,유희민,김세일 2021-06-07 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
19 High Sensitivity microvolume UV absorption spectrometry for routine analysis of small-volume biological samples 유희봉,양인철,김주황,정인일,강훈,정해원,박인용,김영호,박상열 2021-05-06 BIOTECHNIQUES
20 Comparison of digital PCR and quantitative PCR with various SARS-CoV-2 primer-probe sets 박창우,이진아,조하입,구근본,김성준,김홍기,박창균,박건수,박대의,백승화,박동주,이지혜,전상은,김승택,이창섭,유희민,김세일 2021-03-28 JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
21 1-Methoxylespeflorin G11 Protects HT22 Cells from Glutamate-Induced Cell Death through Inhibition of ROS Production and Apoptosis 팜하차우,Phil Jun Lee,유희민,Namki Cho 2021-02-28 JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
22 A Half-Day Genome Sequencing Protocol for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 최성미,김관우,신수경,이임창,구근본,김성준,김세일,이하나 2021-02-19 FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY
23 Quantitative proteomic profiling of Cervicovaginal fluid from pregnant women with term and preterm birth 김영은,김권성,오한빈,이성기,강덕진 2021-02-15 PROTEOME SCIENCE
24 SILAC-Based Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Oxaliplatin-Resistant Pancreatic Cancer Cells 김영은,김은경,송민정,김태영,장호희,강덕진 2021-02-10 CANCERS
25 Anticancer Activity of Lesbicoumestan in Jurkat Cells via Inhibition of Oxidative Stress-Mediated Apoptosis and MALT1 Protease 보팡,Joo-Eun Lee,Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy,Namki Cho,유희민 2021-01-02 MOLECULES
26 Secondary Metabolites Isolated From Streptomyces sp. MJM3055 and Their Cytotoxicity Against Jurkat Cells 유희민,Namki Cho,Yinda Qiu,Jinhua Cheng,Joo-Won Suh 2020-12-04 NAT PROD COMMUN
27 Quantification of single-strand DNA by sequence-specific counting in capillary flow cytometry 유희봉,이채은,홍기석,박상열,양인철 2020-12-01 METROLOGIA
28 Inhibition of Jurkat T Cell Proliferation by Active Components of Rumex japonicus Roots via Induced Mitochondrial Damage and Apoptosis Promotion Yinda Qiu,Aoding Li,Namki Cho,유희민 2020-10-20 JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
29 Anti-Melanogenesis Activity of 6-O-Isobutyrylbritannilactone from Inula britannica on B16F10 Melanocytes and In Vivo Zebrafish Models Dae Kil Jang,팜하차우,Ik Soo Lee,Han-Seung Shin,유희민 2020-08-26 MOLECULES
30 Quantifying the level of nanoparticle uptake in mammalian cells using flow cytometry 신혜림,곽민정,이태걸,이지연 2020-08-07 NANOSCALE
31 Apoptosis in Leukemic Cells Induced by Anti-proliferative Coumarin Isolated from the Stem Bark of Fraxinus rhynchophylla Beom Zoo Lee,팜하차우,KwangWon Hong,유희민 2020-07-20 JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
32 Resource conservation using whole body autophagy: Self-digestion of shedded gut lining cells in the small intestine 유희민,Phil Jun Lee,Namki Cho,Hong Pyo Kim 2020-06-30 Korean Journal of Food Science and Technology
33 Evaluating Cell Death Using Cell-Free Supernatant of Probiotics in Three-Dimensional Spheroid Cultures of Colorectal Cancer Cells 이진아,Joo-Eun Lee,김세일,강덕진,유희민 2020-06-13 Journal of Visualized Experiments
34 WWC1 and NF2 Prevent the Development of Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma by Regulating YAP/TAZ Activity through LATS in Mice 박재오,이다혜,임대식 2020-05-31 Molecules and Cells
35 Improvement of Digital PCR Conditions for Direct Detection of KRAS Mutations 이진아,김지현,Sun Hyung Kang,유희민 2020-04-24 J CLIN LAB ANAL
36 2α-hydroxyeudesma-4,11(13)-dien-8β,12-olide isolated from inula britannica induces apoptosis in diffuse large b-cell lymphoma cells Dae Kil Jang,Ik-Soo Lee,Han-Seung Shin,유희민 2020-02-18 Biomolecules
37 Detection of the small oligonucleotide products of nucleotide excision repair in UVB-irradiated human skin 최준혁,한수지,MG Kemp 2020-02-01 DNA REPAIR
38 Novel invasion indices quantify the feed-forward facilitation of tumor invasion by macrophages 임기쁨,강석조,이지연 2020-01-20 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
39 Active Turnover of Heme in Hibernation Period in Mammals Phil Jun Lee,Namki Cho,유희민,Hong Pyo Kim 2020-01-15 Frontiers in Physiology
40 An Anti-proliferative ent-Kaurane Diterpene Isolated from the Roots of Mallotus japonicus Induced Apoptosis in Leukemic Cells Joo-Eun Lee,Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy,Youngju Lee,Namki Cho,유희민 2020-01-09 NAT PROD COMMUN
41 Betulin Protects HT-22 Hippocampal Cells against ER Stress through Induction of Heme Oxygenase-1 and Inhibition of ROS Production Phil Jun Lee,Hye-Jin Park,유희민,Namki Cho 2019-12-23 NAT PROD COMMUN
42 Purity assignment of 17α-hydroxyprogesterone by mass balance method to establish traceability in measurement 이화심,박수진 2019-12-03 분석과학 (ANALYTICAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY)
43 An ADAMTS Sol narae is required for cell survival in Drosophila Orkhon Tsogtbaatar,원종훈,김고운,한정훈,조경옥,배영경 2019-12-01 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
44 Quantitative analysis of melanin content in a three-dimensional melanoma cell culture 정수빈,임기쁨,이지연 2019-12-01 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
45 iTRAQ-Based Quantitative Proteomic Comparison of 2D and 3D Adipocyte Cell Models Co-cultured with Macrophages Using Online 2D-nanoLC-ESI-MS/MS 이선영,박성범,김영은,유희민,홍종기,최경진,김기영,강덕진 2019-12-01 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
46 Antiproliferative Pterocarpans and Coumestans from Lespedeza bicolor Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy,Joo-Eun Lee,유희민,Namki Cho 2019-11-22 JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS
47 Colorectal cancer cells differentially impact migration and microRNA expression in endothelial cells 김도예,이상수,배영경 2019-11-05 Oncology Letters
48 Differential Mechanism of ATP Production Occurs in Response to Succinylacetone in Colon Cancer Cells Phil Jun Lee,Seung Je Woo,유희민,Namki Cho,Hong Pyo Kim 2019-10-03 MOLECULES
49 Characterization of the Anti-Cancer Activity of the Probiotic Bacterium Lactobacillus fermentum Using 2D vs. 3D Culture in Colorectal Cancer Cells 이진아,Joo-Eun Lee,유희민,김지현,Namki Cho,Sung Hoon Lee,Sung Bum Park,Byumseok Koh,강덕진,김세일 2019-10-01 Biomolecules
50 A novel population of extracellular vesicles smaller than exosomes promotes cell proliferation 이상수,원종훈,이지연,조경옥,배영경 2019-08-15 Cell Communication and Signaling
51 Platyphylloside Isolated from Betula platyphylla is Antiproliferative and Induces Apoptosis in Colon Cancer and Leukemic Cells. Joo-Eun Lee,Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy,이진아,Namki Cho,유희민 2019-08-15 MOLECULES
52 Application of digital PCR for assessing DNA fragmentation in cytotoxicity response 한정란,이지연,배영경 2019-08-01 BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-GENERAL SUBJECTS
53 Development of Triglyceride Certified Reference Materials in Human Frozen Serum Using Isotope Dilution-Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry 이선영,강덕진,김권성,권현수,김영은,김기영,정지선,오한빈,김태영,홍종기 2019-05-01 BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY
54 Effect of fibroblast co-culture on the proliferation, viability and drug response of colon cancer cells 고범석,전효진,김다희,강덕진,김광록 2019-02-01 Oncology Letters
55 Simultaneous detection of nucleotide excision repair events and apoptosis-induced DNA fragmentation in genotoxin-treated cells 백소윤,한수지,강덕진,외부,최준혁 2018-12-01 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
56 Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of 2D and 3D Cultured Colorectal Cancer Cells: Profiling of Tankyrase Inhibitor XAV939-Induced Proteome 김영은,전효진,김다희,이선영,김기영,홍종기,맹필재,김광록,강덕진 2018-12-01 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
57 Development of a parallel microbore hollow fiber enzyme reactor platform for online 18O-labeling: Application to lectin-specific lung cancer N-glycoproteome 이선영,이선정,박성범,김기영,홍종기,강덕진 2018-11-15 J CHROMATOGR B
58 Complete Genome of Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis KCTC 3135T and Variation in Cell Wall Genes of B. subtilis Strains 안선주,전상미,노현주,김주한,김세일 2018-10-01 JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY
59 Purity assignment of 17β- estradiol by mass balance method 이화심,오광훈 2017-10-11 분석과학 (ANALYTICAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY)
60 Comparative analysis of gene expression profiles for several migrating cell types identifies cell migration regulators 배영경,Macabenta, F,Curtis, HL,Stathopoulos, A 2017-04-18 Mechanisms of Development
61 Quantitative Analysis of Cell Proliferation by a Dye Dilution Assay: Application to Cell Lines and Cocultures 정수빈,김설희,서유리,김숙경,이지연 2017-04-04 Cytometry Part A
62 Detection of the Excised, Damage-containing Oligonucleotide Products of Nucleotide Excision Repair in Human Cells 송지명,외부,최준혁 2017-01-01 PHOTOCHEM PHOTOBIOL
63 International comparison of enumeration-based quantification of DNA copy-concentration using flow cytometric counting and digital polymerase chain reaction 유희봉,P. Corbisi,M. Janka,B. Cosme,J. Cavalca,R. Flatsha,D. Burke,M. Smith,J. McLaugh,K. Emslie,A. Whale,박상열,J. Hugget,H. Parkes,M. Kline,J. Harenza,P. Vallone,L. Dong,J. Wang,Z. Sui,J. Pavic,M. Milavec,M. Akgoz,E. Moziogl 2016-12-20 Analytical Chemistry
64 Preparation of soluble isotopically labeled human growth hormone produced in Escherichia coli 이진희,정지선,김숙경,송지명,이지연,백소윤,최준혁 2016-11-01 J CHROMATOGR B
65 Normalization of human RNA-seq experiments using chimpanzee RNA as a spike-in standard 유한나,한윤수,박상열,정선구,정상균,양인철 2016-08-25 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
66 Burkholderia jirisanensis sp. nov., isolated from forest soil 김세일,공경택,우한민,김연제,엄영순 2016-03-01 INT J SYST EVOL MICR
67 Method development for purity assignment of L-valine by a mass balance method 이화심,박수진,안은정,김숙경,이계호,김명수 2016-03-01 Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society
68 Removal of aluminum from the dissolved alumina matrix by NH4OH precipitation and chelate ion exchange resin 서정기,김창수,한명섭,이화심 2016-03-01 Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society
69 Direct dissolution of large size ball-type high density high purity α-alumina by PTFE pressure bomb method 서정기,김창수,한명섭,이화심 2016-02-01 Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society
70 Quantitative analysis of cholesterol in infant formula by isotope dilution liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry 안은정,이화심,김병주,이계호 2015-12-15 분석과학 (ANALYTICAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY)
71 Complete genome of Kangiella geojedonensis KCTC 23420T, putative evidence for recent genome reduction in marine environments 김세일,최한나,오정수,아르샨 나시,김병권,김경모 2015-12-01 MAR GENOM
72 An Integrated Approach for Analysis of the DNA Damage Response in Mammalian Cells: NUCLEOTIDE EXCISION REPAIR, DNA DAMAGE CHECKPOINT, AND APOPTOSIS. 최준혁,김소영,김숙경,Kemp,Sancar 2015-11-27 JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY
73 Reference Materials for Calibration of Analytical Biases in Quantification of DNA methylation 유한나,외부,양인철 2015-09-14 PLOS ONE

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