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번호 논문제목 저자 게재년월 게재지
1 Double-pulse speckle contrast correlations with near Fourier transform limited free-electron laser light using hard X-ray split-and-delay Wojciech Roseker,Paul H Fuoss,Marcin Sikorski,Aymeric Robert,Sanghoon Song,Gerhard Gr?bel,이수형,Michael Walther,Felix Lehmk?hler,Birgit Hankiewicz,Rustam Rysov,Stephan O Hruszkewycz,G Brian Stephenson,Mark Sutton 2020-12-01 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2 Influence of Ag Addition on Thermal Stability and Thermophysical Properties of Ti-Zr-Ni Quasicrystals 전상호,조용찬,김용일,이윤희,이수형,이근우 2020-06-07 METALS
3 Unequal effect of thermodynamics and kinetics on glass forming ability of Cu-Zr alloys 슈라다,이윤희,이수형,조용찬,이근우 2020-03-01 AIP ADVANCES
4 Real-Time Monitoring of Colloidal Crystallization in Electrostatically-Levitated Drops 황혜림,조용찬,이수형,이근우 2020-02-12 Small
5 Development of chip calorimeter based on Bi/Al thermopile for biological sample measurement 이주현,도일 2019-12-23 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOTECHNOLOGY
6 Specific heat measurements of CNT nanofluids 이주현,김대호,윤용진 2019-12-01 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOTECHNOLOGY
7 Probing Electronic Strain Generation by Separated Electron-Hole Pairs Using Time-Resolved X-ray Scattering 이수형,조원혁,Anthony D. DiChiara,Timothy P. Holmes,Stephen Santowski,조용찬,Eric C. Landahl 2019-11-01 Applied Sciences
8 Shock growth of ice crystal near equilibrium melting pressure under dynamic compressions 이윤희,김용재,이수형,Hiroki Nada,이근우 2019-06-01 물리학과 첨단기술
9 Shock growth of ice crystal near equilibrium melting pressure under dynamic compression 이윤희,김용재,이수형,Hiroki Nada,이근우 2019-04-30 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
10 Spatial and temporal pre-alignment of an X-ray split-and-delay unit by laser light interferometry W. Roseker,이수형,M. Walther,R. Rysov,M. Sprung,G. Grubel 2019-04-01 REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMEMTS
11 Analysis of Size Effect of Nano Scale Machining Based on Normal Stress and Indentation Theories 전은채,이윤희,제태진 2018-12-01 한국기계가공학회지
12 Origin of glass forming ability of Cu-Zr alloys: A link between compositional variation and stability of liquid and glass 슈라다,이수형,이윤희,이근우 2018-11-29 PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS
13 Delayed auger recombination in silicon measured by time-resolved X-ray scattering 조원혁,에릭랜달,김성흔,이동렬,이수형 2018-11-01 Current Applied Physics
14 Measuring femtometer lattice displacements driven by free carrier diffusion in a polycrystalline semiconductor using time-resolved x-ray scattering 조원혁,에릭랜달,안토니디키,돈왈코,이수형 2018-07-16 APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
15 Further elucidation of nanofluid thermal conductivity measurement using a transient hot-wire method apparatus 이주현,유동훈,이병찬,권수용,구준모 2018-02-01 HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER
16 Temperature and Heat Flow Rate Calibration of a Calvet Calorimeter from 0 ? C to 190 ? C 김대호,이주현,권수용 2017-12-01 International Journal of Thermophysics
17 Measurement of the Calorific Value of Methane by Calorimetry Using Metal Burner 이주현,권수용,정욱철,김대호 2017-11-01 International Journal of Thermophysics
18 Formation of metastable crystals from supercooled, supersaturated, and supercompressed liquids: Role of crystal-liquid interfacial free energy 이근우 2017-10-29 Crystals
19 Accurate quantification of glass-forming ability by measuring effective volume relaxation of supercooled melt Ryu, C.W.,이근우 2017-10-01 APL Materials
20 Solution electrostatic levitator for measuring surface properties and bulk structures of an extremely supersaturated solution drop above metastable zone width limit 이수형,조원혁,조용찬,이현휘,이근우 2017-05-02 REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMEMTS
21 Interfacial free energy and medium range order: Proof of an inverse of Frank's hypothesis 이근우,조용찬 2017-02-13 PHYSICAL REVIEW B
22 포항가속기 빛을 활용하여 원자들의 초고속 움직임을 측정하는 시간분해 X-선 산란 연구 이수형,조원혁,엄인태,유청종 2017-01-25 방사광 과학과 기술
23 Direct measurements of multi-photon induced nonlinear lattice dynamics in semiconductors via time-resolved x-ray scattering G. Jackson Williams,이수형,Donald Wal,Michael Wa,조원혁,이동렬,Eric Landa 2016-12-22 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
24 An analytical filter design method for guided wave phased arrays 권휴상,J.-Y. Kim 2016-12-15 MECH SYST SIGNAL PR
25 Multiple pathways of crystal nucleation in an extremely supersaturated aqueous potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) solution droplet 이수형,위행섭,조원혁,조용찬,김용일,이근우 2016-11-29 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
26 Effect of atomic size on undercoolability of binary solid solution alloy liquids with Zr, Ti, and Hf using electrostatic levitation 전상호,강동희,이윤희,이수형,이근우 2016-11-07 JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS
27 A liquid-liquid transition can exist in monatomic transition metals with a positive melting slope 이병찬,이근우 2016-10-20 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
28 시간 분해 엑스선 산란 실험 이수형 2016-10-13 방사광 과학과 기술
29 Reliability of thermal conductivity measurement of liquids by using transient hot-wire, photon correlation spectroscopy and the laser flash method 권수용,이주현,김대호 2016-06-05 Journal of the Korean Physical Society
30 Derivation and Validation of a Figure of Merit for Loop Heat Pipes With Medium Temperature Working Fluids 정욱철,Jinho Lee,이상현,이주현 2016-05-01 J HEAT TRANS-T ASME
31 Control of magneto-transport characteristics of Co-doped ZnO by electron beam irradiation Seunghun Lee,조용찬,이근우 2016-04-01 RSC ADV
32 Non-Contact Measurement of Thermophysical properties of Fe, Fe-C, and Fe-C-Mn alloys in solid, supercooled, and stable liquid phases 전상호,이수형,이근우 2016-04-01 ISIJ INT
33 Demonstration of a time-resolved x-ray scattering instrument utilizing the full-repetition rate of x-ray pulses at the Pohang Light Source 조원혁,엄인,외부,이수형,유청 2016-03-08 REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMEMTS
34 Picosecond x-ray strain rosette reveals direct laser excitation of coherent transverse acoustic phonons 이수형,Jackson Wi,Maria C,Donald W,Eric L 2016-01-11 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
35 정전기 부양 기술을 통한 초고온 극한 환경하의 금속 액체 연구 이근우 2015-11-02 물리학과 첨단기술
36 Predictions of frame compliance and apex morphology in sharp nanoindentations 김기복,이윤희,김용일,박종서,안승민,김주영 2015-10-01 MAT SCI SEMICON PROC
37 Uncertainty evaluation for density measurements of molten Ni, Zr, Nb and Hf by using a containerless method 유한별,박철민,전상호,이수형,이근우 2015-09-08 METROLOGIA
38 Observation of an Indenter with an Atomic Force Microscope Calibrated with Dual Standard References 김용일,이윤희,김기복,허용학 2015-08-01 J NANOELECTRON OPTOE
39 Quantitative analyses of factors affecting thermal conductivity of nanofluids using an improved transient hot-wire method apparatus 이주현,이한슬,백용진,구준모 2015-06-03 INT J HEAT MASS TRAN
40 Temperature-dependent structural behavior of mixed-metal hydroxides in air 이윤희,김기복,DH Gregory,김용일 2015-05-20 MATERIALS LETTERS
41 용해실리카의 기준경도를 이용한 나노 압입시스템의 실험적 교정 이윤희,안승민,김주영,박찬평,장희광 2015-03-13 KOREAN JOURNAL OF METALS AND MATERIALS
42 국소 압흔변형률에 미치는 표면 잔류응력 영향 분석 이윤희,박종서,김용일,허용학 2015-02-16 KOREAN JOURNAL OF METALS AND MATERIALS
43 Evolution of atomic structure in Al75Cu25 liquid from experimental and ab initio molecular dynamics simulation studies 유한별,전상호,이근우 2015-01-28 JOURNAL OF PHYSICS CONDENSED MATTER

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