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CRMs Listed by Group

KRISS produces and distributes high-level reference materials and provides metrological traceability to testing laboratories. The reference materials are listed in four main categories:

  • Chemical Composition
  • Bio -analytical Materials
  • Physical Properties
  • Industrial and Engineering Materials
  • Gas

CRM Purchasing Procedures

Check the availability of a reference material in the KRISS CRM Catalogue 2021 and place the purchase order by sending an email to Each purchase order should give the number of units, the KRISS CRM number, and the name of each CRM requested.

If an item that a customer wants to order is not available in the KRISS CRM catalogue, the customer should complete Quotation Request Form B or Quotation Request Form C for gas and other customized reference materials respectively and send it via email at After submitting the quotation request you will receive a quotation including pricing and delivery details. Customers can confirm the purchase order simply by returning the quotation via email with the institution’s name and the full name of the person-in-charge.

Prices in the quotation exclude transport service and payment should be made before shipment is arranged. CRMs are sent via freight collect. If a specific freight agent is desired, then please contact us before shipment is arranged.

The CRM Service Process Map (Figure 2) below explains the detailed process from the earliest quotation request stage through delivery.

Figure 2. CRM Service Process Map

Service Duration

In general, calibration and/or testing services take approximately 8-12 weeks to complete excluding packing and shipping; however, the timelines may vary depending on the scope of the project. The KRISS CRMs in stock can be delivered when required and customized reference materials take 4 weeks to several months to produce.


Payment Details

We only accept bank transactions. We will provide the required information to make the payment when the quotation is sent.
Please be sure to send us a copy of the transaction slip after the payment has been made.


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