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Dissemination of Standards and Knowledge on Measurement

As the National Metrology Institute for dissemination of the International System of Units, KRISS runs the Center for Calibration and Measurement Services as an exclusive unit to disseminate measurement standards, offering calibration and testing services and CRMs worldwide. These services contribute to boosting the quality of industrial products, especially in semiconductors, shipbuilding and aerospace in Korea to an international level. KRISS also operates training courses in metrology to transfer KRISS’ exclusive cutting-edge measurement technologies and knowledge, and know-how on measurement for the workforce involved in industries, academia, institutes and developing countries’ NMIs. This is paving the way for enhancing the national industrial competitiveness by scaling up the level of precision measurement technologies in domestic industries.

Standars and Measurement Services : Calibration, Testing & Services
Classification 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Calibrations 11,179 9,760 8,683 8,486 7,330 5,812
Testings 2,169 2,212 2,084 2,040 2,574 2,770
CRMs 3,604 3,635 3,606 4,153 3,588 3,586

Industry Support Programs

KRISS has been providing a variety of technology service programs for its customers in ways that promote the effective and efficient dissemination of national measurement standards and technologies across the nation. Our technology service programs consist of R&D collaboration, technology transfers and commercialization, and networking activities. These services are offered through open networks with thousands of customer organizations, which include industry, academia, and research institutes.

  • Hidden Champion Program
    KRISS is supporting the Korean economy through a program that provides stepwise plans to SMEs to overcome technical obstacles and facilitate manufacturing processes.
  • Consulting on technical difficulties
    KRISS offers consulting on technical difficulties related to measurement-related technology in the industrial sites.
  • Home Doctor Program
    KRISS operates a Home Doctor Program in which its specialists offer one-on-one customized support to SMEs, including on-site technical consultation, and hands-on training at KRISS.
  • Technical Consultation
    Based on the experience of 250 experts accumulated over 30 years, KRISS provides technical consultation on measurements and calibration for more than 100 cases from industries, calibration and testing laboratories, and research institutes each year.
  • Joint usage of research equipment
    KRISS seeks to relieve financial burden and strengthen industrial competitiveness by sharing about 500 research devices with enterprises.
  • Measurement Club
    This is a network of measurement experts, industrial users, and equipment manufacturers. Currently 6,000 members are participating in 27 diverse club areas, such as pressure, X-ray diffraction, hardness, surface analysis, antenna and temperature-humidity, etc.
  • Start Up Venture Companies Support Program
    KRISS is contributing to the spread of a culture for business start-up by fully supporting the design and production of pilot products so that ideas of potential entrepreneurs can be transformed into commercialization and business start-ups.