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Founded in 1975 as the central organization in the national standards system of Korea, KRISS has been contributing to the economic growth of the nation with national measurement standards which are indispensable infrastructures for industrial development.
In close partnership with academia and industry, KRISS has also played an essential role in science and technology advancement through its R&D activitiesover a wide range of measurement and analysis technologies.

In addition, KRISS has been engaged in the development of new measurement standards for emerging technologies, including biotechnology (BT), nanotechnology (NT), and environment technology (ET), among others, KRISS has also focused its capabilities on providing measurement solutions to important national and global agendas. These include such topics as environment monitoring, new and renewable energy, food safety, health, medicine, structural safety, and so on.

KRISS's research activities are structured into four R&D divisions. Each division consists of centers and groups with specific functions and responsibilities for improving KRISS's service to society and global communities.