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Advanced Instrumentation Institute is carrying out developing the state-of-the-art instruments based on the measurement technology of KRISS to respond science and industry demands. In addition, the institute currently supports turning from various measurement methods and new ideas into instruments, including developing common equipment platforms.

Director: Dr. Hyug-Gyo Rhee (

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • The development of high performance combined instruments with charged particle and laser beam.
  • Biomagnetism, Ultra-low field NMR/MRI, Nano NMR microscopy
  • The development of smart sensors and MI (measurement and inspection) equipments for the semiconductor industry.
  • Development of high-resolution optical imaging instrument for space applications.
  • Advanced technologies of optical metrology for industrial applications.
  • Development of real-time hazardous chemicals (CO, SO2, NOx, O3) monitors in ambient and workplace

Team for

Photon and Electron Instruments Team

The Photon and Electron Instruments team is researching and developing the world's best convergence equipment based on photon, electron and ion to provide the basis of measurement, analysis and inspection technology essential for science and industry. The developed technologies and equipment are being commercialized through continuous exchange with industry-academia-research institutes. This contributes to supporting the domestic measurement equipment industry, overcoming the limitations of advanced and future science and technology, and establishing and maintaining equipment performance evaluation standards.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Development of optical based IOP measurement and evaluation equipment
  • • Developed the world's fastest surface damage measurement equipment
  • • Development of new concept module based on charged particle beam, development of optical system design and evaluation technology
  • • Development of multimode equipment combining optical, electron and ion beam for industrial and research equipment development

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Ultra-low Magnetic Field Team

The Ultra-low Magnetic Field Team is conducting research on biological signal measurement and analysis technology using ultra-low magnetic field measurement technology and development of new concept medical and chemical measurements and analysis equipments. We have developed the concept of biomagnetic resonance based on ultra-low field (ULF) magnetic resonance technology. We have been developing precise measurement technology for brain magnetic resonance, brain imaging and analysis system, brain cognition research, and advanced basic researches.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Development of ULF MRI system technology
  • • Biomagnetic Resonance and nano-NMR Microscope
  • • Development of dynamic nuclear magnetization technology for development of non-toxic contrast agents
  • • Development of Magnetoencephalography/Magnetocardiography measurement and analysis technology
  • • Development of precise measurement technology for advanced basic researches

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Semiconductor Integrated Metrology Team

The Semiconductor Integrated Metrology Team aims to develop measurement and analysis equipment based on high-precision real-time process diagnostic sensors and optical measurement technology for the development of integrated metrology equipment for semiconductor process equipment and measurement equipment. We are cooperate with industry, academy and related industries(devices, equipment, sensors, framework companies, etc.) to actively exchange information.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Development of wafer (or plate) type sensor for diagnosis of semiconductor process equipment status
  • • Development of polarimetric modulating composite measuring instrument and sensor technology
  • • Development of high precision measurement equipment technology for tool to tool matching
  • • Development of reliability measurement technology for semiconductor process materials, parts and equipments and construction of test bed

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Space Optics Team

The Space Optics Team develops demand-oriented, high-resolution imaging equipment for space, defense and IT. We are developing state-of-the-art optical image measurement equipment in a wide range of fields ranging from the development of high resolution optical imaging equipment required by the nation to the development of optical measurement technology / equipment for future industrial demand. We also support the development of large-scale 3D shape measurement technology and related measurement services.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Developed high-resolution optical instrument for satellite
  • • Development of military / meteorological optical image equipment for aviation
  • • Development of 3D measurement technology for hologram optics
  • • Development of optical tomography measurement technology for multilayer films
  • • Measuring / Calibrating Large Plane, Curved Surface, Aspherical Surface and Refractive Index

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Environmental Measuring Instruments Team

The environmental measuring Instruments Team is developing the measurement instruments gaseous and particulate pollutants in the atmospheric environment and conducting studies to improve the reliability of the measured values. The developed measurement instrument is commercialized through technology transfer and contributes to domestic and overseas dissemination. We actively respond to government and business issues related to the atmospheric environment.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Establishment of visual distance measuring device and correction method using optical method
  • • Development of miniaturization equipment for measurement of gaseous pollutants in workplace and atmospheric environment
  • • Development of concentration measurement system for fine dust particle size emitted from chimney

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Instrumentation Support Team

The Instrumentation Support Team focuses on developing technical support and instrument platform to equip the original technology developed by KRISS. The team helps researchers to make their ideas become a good instrument by establishing element technology such as high-speed software and electronic circuit and three-dimensional drawing design which are commonly needed when developing measurement instrument.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Support for building GUI software for user convenience
  • • Support for high-speed implementation using FPGA
  • • support of 3D CAD / CAM
  • • Build the platform for instrumentation

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