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The Division of Industrial Metrology focuses on the development of next-generation measurement technology for strengthening the competitiveness of Korea's main industries.
We are developing measurement standards and cutting-edge new technologies that are the foundation of technology in future major industries, such as semiconductor/display, nano-bio technology, materials and energy, public safety, and future devices.
As the main research areas, we are trying to develop advanced measurement technology based on industrial applications such as next-generation semiconductor measurement technology, nanomaterial safety and nano-bio measurement technology, energy material characteristic evaluation technology, nondestructive evaluation and structural integrity monitoring technology, future materials ∙ devices and extreme environment measurement technology.

Director: Dr. Dong-Jin Yoon (

Center for

  • Nanocharacterization (Dr. Jeong-Won Kim,
  • Nano-Bio Measurement (Dr. Tae Geol Lee,
  • Materials and Energy Measurement (Dr. Un-Bong Baek,
  • Safety Measurement (Dr. Ki-Bok Kim,
  • Convergence Property Measurement (Dr. Sang Jun Lee,
Center for Nanocharacterization

The center for Nanocharacterization is developing nano-based measurement technology for next generation high-efficiency devices through core measurement technology and standardization of surface analysis technology in the fields of semiconductors and displays. This contributes to the growth of future industries.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Development of surface analysis technology and international standardization
  • • Development of nanoprobe-based measurement technology
  • • Nanostructure imaging by electron beam
  • • Interface analysis of next generation nano devices

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Center for Nano-Bio Measurement

The Center for Nano-Bio Measurement has been developing optics, mass spectrometry, and probe measurement technologies at the nano level to be used to measure and manipulate bio-imaging, nano-biosensors, nanomaterials, and biomaterials. The Center has been focused on making strides in nano-bio measurement, core technology, and standard measurement technology for applications in biomedical science, and, as such, has been at the forefront of research and development of cutting edge, next generation medical measurement technologies. We are also working to develop standardized nanomaterials and standard measurement techniques for the characterization and measurement of toxicity of nanomaterials in order to provide internationally recognized guidelines for nanomaterial safety evaluation. As a result, we are providing systematic progress of domestic nanomaterial safety research and the creation of a national nanosafety database.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Development of single cell and living tissue multimode laser microscope and non-marking mass spectrometry imaging microscope
  • • Development of nano biosensor for ‘in vitro’ diagnosis
  • • Development of next-generation advanced medical measurement platform technology
  • • Development of standard nanoparticle manufacturing and characterization technology for safety evaluation of nanomaterials
  • • Development of imaging and quantification technology for tracking / detection of nanomaterials in living organisms and environment
  • • Establishment of international cooperation and certification system in the field of nanomaterial safety

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Center for Materials and Energy Measurement

Center for Materials and Energy Measurement establishes measurement standards on the mechanical properties and develops measurement and characterization technology of advanced semiconductor materials to assure industrial reliability.
The research results are being used to energy industry including the semiconductor display industry.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Establish measurement standards to ensure material reliability
    • - Development of hardness/tensile/impact measurement standard technology and dissemination of CRMs
    • - Development of standard measurement technology in the field of nano(tensile/indentation/thin film thickness/particle) and dissemination of CRMs
    • - International Comparison on measurement of material properties and international standardization activities
  • • Development of safety measurement technology for industrialization of hydrogen energy
    • - Development of mechanical property measurement technology in high pressure hydrogen gas environment
    • - Development of polymer material property measurement technology for hydrogen
    • - Development of carbon nano tube sheet based hydrogen sensor for hydrogen exposure detection
    • - Development of wind turbine reliability evaluation technology and establishment of international standardization response platform
  • • Characterization of materials in a vacuum environment
    • - Evaluation of material characteristics in vacuum environment
    • - Evaluation of semiconductor, display and medical material characteristics in vacuum environment

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Center for Safety Measurement

The Center for Safety Measurement establishes and maintains national standards related to public safety measurements including the safety and security of major national facilities such as public facilities, energy facilities, industrial facilities, multi-use facilities and large structures. In addition, we are actively responding to the latest technology trends and requirements for the contributing to the improvement of people's lives through the development and dissemination of future-oriented safety measurement technology.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Development of non-destructive evaluation technology of internal defects in facilities and structures
    • - Ultrasound, acoustic emission, eddy current, electromagnetic wave, optical fiber, T-ray, infrared thermal imaging technology
  • • Development of non-destructive material-characterizing technology for facilities and structures
    • - Nonlinear elastic modulus, residual stress, etc.
  • • Development of safety monitoring technology for facilities and structures
    • - Intelligent diagnosis, Safety measurement sensors based on IoT, self powered energy device, etc.

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Center for Convergence Property Measurement

The Center for Convergence Property Measurement aims to contribute to the creation and development of new industries by developing convergence measurement technologies, which are necessary for the development of future materials and future devices. In addition, we are leading the global measurement science by developing the measurement technologies of multi-material property, extreme physical property and real-time property that overcome the limitation of existing measurement technology and by spreading them to domestic and overseas industry and university.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Development and application of thermal, electric, magnetic and optical fusion measurement technologies
  • • Development of photoelectric devices and infrared device technology
  • • Realization of ultra-high temperature, ultra-high pressure environment and development of real-time measurement technologies

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