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The Division of Physical Metrology is responsible for the realization and dissemination of measurement standards for six base units of the International System of Units(SI) and their derived units. We are working to establish and maintain national measurement standards and also focuses on developing new measurement technologies for emerging industries.

Director: Dr. Yon-Kyu Park (

Center for

  • Optical Metrology (Dr. Jae Yong Lee,
  • Time and Frequency Metrology (Dr. Dai Hyuk Yu,
  • Mechanical Metrology (Dr. Jae Hyuk Choi,
  • Thermometry and Fluid flow Metrology (Dr. Inseok Yang,
  • Electromagnetic Metrology (Dr. No-Weon Kang,
Center for Optical Metrology

The Center for Optical Metrology establishes national measurement standards for length (m), luminous intensity (cd), thermodynamic temperature (K) in radiation thermometry, and the quantities in acoustics field using advanced optical technologies.
Based on the measurement standard technologies, we provide calibration, testing, and performance evaluation services for national key industries such as automobiles, lighting, and optical communication.
We are also committed to developing and disseminating core measurement standard technologies required in new industry, space, and defense area such as semiconductor, display, quantum communi

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Measurement standard technologies for dimensional metrology
  • • Core measurement technologies in semiconductor and display industry
  • • Core measurement technologies for large scale 3D profile
  • • Quantum efficiency measurement of single photon counting detectors
  • • Development of mid-infrared tunable lasers and radiance standard sources for performance evaluation of remote observation instruments
  • • Development of high accuracy absolute radiation thermometer
  • • Infrared spectral diffuse reflectance standard and multi-angle spectral reflectance CRMs
  • • Evaluation of laboratory standard microphone in free and diffuse field condition
  • • Calibration technology for audiometer in hospital
  • • Precise detection of underwater objects

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Center for Time and Frequency Metrology

Center for Time and Frequency Metrology is responsible for establishing, maintaining, enhancing, and disseminating the national measurement standards for time and frequency.
The center is contributing to the generation of TAI and UTC through international time and frequency comparisons. We are currently developing a cesium atomic fountain clock (KRISS-F1) and an ytterbium (Yb) optical clock for realization of current definition and future redefinition of SI “second”, respectively. We are also developing an atomic gravimeter, conducting extreme measurements using cryogenic quantum gases and conducting atom and nanophotonics researches.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • A new concept of time frequency comparison and transmission using satellite and optical fiber
  • • Cesium (Cs) atomic fraction watch and Ytterbium (Yb) optical clock development
  • • Atomic gravity meter development
  • • Development of cryogenic quantum gas interferometer
  • • Atom - nanophotonics fusion research

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Center for Mechanical Metrology

Center for Mechanical Metrology establishes and maintains national standards and works on calibration services for mass, density, pressure, vacuum, force, torque, acceleration due to gravity, and vibration.
In particular, the center is studying Kibble Balances to contribute to the realization of mass based on Plank constant and providing a measurement base for the nation's future growth power through the establishment of dynamic mechanical standards and the development of convergence measurement technology.
In addition, the center is studying the fundamental technologies for measuring extreme dynamic mechanical quantities such as superconducting gravity and pN level force measurement technology, and application technology for measuring tactile interface.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Development of mass realization technology based on Plank constant and dissemination technology
  • • Establishment of measurement standards on the dynamic mechanical quantities
  • • Establishment of large capacity and pN level force standards
  • • Development of superconductivity gravity measurement and universal gravitation constant measurement technology
  • • Development of tactile sensor and actuator for virtual reality

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Center for Thermometry and Fluid flow Metrology

Center for Thermometry and Fluid flow Metrology conducts research on establishing national measurement standards for temperature (unit: Kelvin, symbol: K) and related physical quantities (fluid flow, humidity, thermophysical properties) and developing convergence measurement technology.
The center is currently conducting research to improve the unit of temperature and the international temperature scale as well as precision temperature and humidity measurements of upper air, precision measurement technology for heat and flow for various energy sources. Based on these technologies, we are concentrating our research capabilities on measuring core climate parameters to mitigate impact of climate change and developing energy measurement and control technologies to overcome the energy challenges.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Thermodynamic temperature measurement using acoustic gas thermometry
  • • Ideal realization of temperature scale based on high-speed and ultra-precision temperature control technology
  • • Development of measurement standard technology for measurement of gas flow of high pressure and atmospheric pressure, liquid flow in large and micro scale
  • • Technology to mitigate impact of climate change (technology for precise measurement of temperature and humidity of upper air, and technology for measuring greenhouse gas emission)
  • • Technology to overcome energy challenges (solid / liquid / gaseous fuel combustion heat measurement and natural gas flow characteristics evaluation)

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Center for Electromagnetic Metrology

The Center for Electromagnetic Metrology establishes, maintains, and enhances national standards including electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic waves, including SI units. In order to support future electromagnetic industry, the center is researching and developing measurement technologies such as realization of quantum metrology triangle system, next generation quantum electrical standard, electro-optic fusion technology, measurement technology for mobile communication/semiconductor, etc. The center also participate in various projects which related to evaluation and protection of high power microwave.

Its current R&D project include the following subjects :

  • • Development of quantum metrology triangle system and development of quantum based voltage / electric power standard technology
  • • Development of standard technology of AC impedance based on graphene QHR
  • • Research on precise measurement of Earth magnetic field
  • • Development of high voltage / high current standard technology
  • • Development of 5G-compatible power source, on-wafer and digital communication signal measurement technology
  • • Research on Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) sensor performance evaluation technology
  • • Development of measuring sensor for the electric-wave on the fusion type electric field

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