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Global Metrology Academy_ A Program for Development of Measurement Specialists

The Global Metrology Academy (GMA) was formed in 2013 to develop of human resources in metrology. GMA conducts global measurement training for groups and individuals on a yearly basis to share knowledge and experience with metrology community all over the globe. The GMA training programs puts a special emphasis on physical/chemical measurement and quality management system.

KRISS-UST Graduate School of Metrology

KRISS operates a Graduate School of Metrology in cooperation with the University of Science and Technology (UST). The Graduate School of Metrology offers master and doctoral courses in measurement science and technology to foster highly qualified R&D professionals through on-site education. Student-oriented customized courses are offered by utilizing KRISS’ facilities and workforce.

University of Science and Technolo gy (UST):

A graduate school under the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, jointly established by government-supported research institutes in the S&T sector.