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Daejeon is located about 250 kilometers southeast of Incheon International Airport (ICN). Transportation to and from Daejeon is available by airport limousine bus. Airport limousine buses leave every 10 to 20 minutes and take approximately two and a half hours to arrive in Daejeon.

Incheon International Airport

The procedure below outlines the arrival process at Incheon International Airport.

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Airport Limousine Bus Stop

Information on the airport limousine bus to Daejeon is available at the transportation counters near exits 2, 4, 9, and 13. Bus tickets can also be purchased at these counters. Please note that the airport limousine bus stop for Daejeon is located at platform 9D, which is in front of the passenger terminal building.

BUS INFOMATION : Please go to the nearest Bus Information Counter for more Information

Airport Limousine Bus Stop
Bus No. Daejeon (Deluxe)
Area Chungcheong
Station Daeduk Convention Center, Daejeon Government Complex, Dongboo Cross-Country Bus Terminal Center
Bus Stop No. 1st Floor (9D)
Time & Fare Daejeon First 03:20 Last 19:10 To CAT First 06:00 Last 23:30
Interval 10-20min Transit time 180~200(MI)
Type Limousine (Deluxe) Fare KRW 23,100, KRW 25,400 (night)
Managed by Geumnam Express Contact 042-584-7770

Arriving in Daejeon

When you arrive in Daejeon (after passing through the expressway tollgate), get off at the Doryong Terminal. The following diagram provides information about where to get off the bus as well as the location of KRISS. KRISS is located within walking distance of the Doryong Terminal. From the Doryong Terminal, it takes 15-20 minutes on foot to reach KRISS.

Where to get off in Daejeon