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Personnel percent

The reputation of KRISS relies on its great people and excellent scientists. Approximately 460 KRISS employees work at its 500,147 square meter site in Daejeon. The operating units of KRISS are organized into four divisions for R&D, and four divisions for Service & Management. Each division is made up of specialist centers dedicated to improving its measurement capabilities and services. The budget for 2017 amounts to US $135 million

Budget 2017

Budget by Expenditure

(Unit: million USD, USD=1,000 KRW)

Hotel Phone
Classification 2017
Personnel 43.38
R&D 95.63
Construction 6.21
Ordinary Operation and Others 9.51
Total 154.73

Key Contact Points

Key Contact Points
PresidentDr. Sang-Ryoul Park(5001)srpark@kriss.re.kr
Vice PresidentDr. Seong-Jai Cho(5003)sjcho@kriss.re.kr
Director, Division of Physical MetrologyDr. Yon-Kyu Park(5010)ykpark@kriss.re.kr
Director, Division of Chemical and Medical MetrologyDr. Sook-Kyung KIM(5020)kimsk@kriss.re.kr
Director, Division of Industrial MetrologyDr. Dong-Jin Yoon(5030)djyoon@kriss.re.kr
Director, Advanced Instrumentation InstituteDr. Hyug-Gyo Rhee(5814)hrhee@kriss.re.kr
Director, Quantum Technology InstituteDr. Jinhee Kim(5050)jinhee@kriss.re.kr
Director, Division of Technology ServicesDr. Kyun Sik Chae(5040)cks@kriss.re.kr
Director, Division of Management and PlanningDr. Jae Sung Pae(5090)jspae@kriss.re.kr
Director, Division of AdministrationMr. Gwan Hun Song(5060)songgh@kriss.re.kr
Director, Division of Policy and StrategyDr. Su Yong Kwon(5070)kweonsy@kriss.re.kr
Head, Office of International CooperationMr. Kangyoung Sung(5441)sky0512@kriss.re.kr